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  • Our model is based on product and industry knowledge

    Over decades we have invested a lot of time and considerable resources in knowing the sources of supply, industrial processes, manufacturing systems and quality control, as well as the people behind the development of the products we develop for our clients.

    Product quality and distinctiveness are key elements in the perception of the brand by the consumer.

    Product knowledge and market experience allows us to better assess the objective to be reached and to contribute to the development process for better consumer experience and greater satisfaction of their needs.

    Direct supply by the manufacturer - industrial partner allows maintaining a competitive cost.





Rubio Gándara

Private Label Supply Solutions


Definition of the product or range, considering all the qualitative and quantitative aspects and the brand and industry guidelines.

Advice on choosing the industrial partner and negotiating the conditions.

Recipe development in cooperation with the brand and the industrial partner.

Accompaniment of the process from initial order to launch.

Maintenance throughout the life cycle: crop and catch update, replenishment and contract maintenance, supply chain monitoring.

Information in the category new culinary trends, pull & push technological based innovation, line extensions, across category product development.