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About Us

What we do, our purpose and model

We are dedicated to help organizations to develop their private label programs and facilitate their own brands development, sourcing, and planning processes.

Our service model is based in 4 pillars:

#1 Product knowledge:
We provide in-depth knowledge of the products and categories in which we work. By product knowledge we understand everything related to the origin, characteristics, qualities, manufacturing methodology and consumption behavior.
#2 Knowledge of the industry:
By knowledge of the industry we understand knowledge about the markets of origin, relevant players, the situation of the firms, suitability for the supply of a specific product or range according to the characteristics of the client and the market, as well as the monitoring of agricultural and fishing seasons.
#3 Discernment:
Capacity for professional judgment that requires the combination of knowledge of the product, the channel and the market and which translates into helping the client to decide on the product that will bring the most value to the brand, taking into account all the factors quality / price / supply conditions etc.
#4 Adaptability:
The experience accumulated over more than 40 years developing private label products for clients of diverse origin, size, and complexity, allows us to adapt to the requirements of any type of brand-oriented company, be it a retailer or food service distributor. We work with clients of different size and business scope in 20 markets, from small firms to Fortune Global 500 companies. Our adaptability allows us to offer our clients a service tailored to their needs.

Our purpose is to contribute to better quality of life for the consumer through our client ‘s brands: